5 reasons reason why visit San Antonio

When you think about Texas, you’d probably have a few places in mind and attractions you want to visit, San Antonio is a place you don’t want to miss out. The 2nd largest city in the state of Texas and the 7th largest in the US territory, we’re talking about a really big city.

Here, you will find plenty of places you might’ve heard of, like visiting the San Antonio Riverwalk.  This city is known for its own Guinness World Record “The Most Tamales Made in 12 hours”. Having various things to do and places to visit, it’s good to have tourist guidance if you’re heading San Antonio, a place where you can enjoy your stay for a weekend trip or even if you’re going for a business meeting, there is always something to do.

You can stop by the San Antonio RiverWalk

Probably the city’s main attraction, labeled by the tourists as “a must-do” If you happen to be in the city, you can have a safe and colorful walk while going through picturesque scenarios. If at some point you get hungry you will have several dining options to choose from, with engaging employees and finger-licking meals.

If you’re interested in getting yourself souvenirs from this beautiful place, you will also find stores as you're strolling through, an all-in-one place where you can either have a good time dining, shopping or just enjoying the view and shooting astounding photos.

This is rumored to be the number one attraction not just in San Antonio TX but also in the entire state of Texas. You can spend many days and still not see everything there is to see at the RiverWalk.  This means that planning is absolutely imperative. Read more about the San Antonio Riverwalk

Go over history in The Alamo

Yeah, you probably heard about this place and its history before, there’s even a movie dedicated to this, The Alamo is the most visited San Antonio’s attraction with more than 2 million going to this emblematic place every year, yeah more than 2 million. 

There’s no entrance fee in The Alamo, a place where you will find a beautiful green area so you can have a family picnic without a problem. Most of its history is related to the independence of Texas back in the 1800s The Alamo structure stays almost impeccable and completely secured. 

One of the most iconic places to visit in Texas, located in the core of San Antonio’s city, is a must-to-visit place if you happen

San Antonio and its churches

San Antonio is an old city that has a lot of history behind that remains alive thanks to the old buildings and structures that distinguished this picturesque city from the rest, mostly for its churches. 

Nowadays, these places of worship are also considered attractions for the visitors since they’ve been carrying plenty of history and their designs are old-fashioned but attractive behind the eyes of tourists. 

Places like Mission San Jose, Mission Espada, Mission San Juan, or Mission Concepcion are places where residents usually use for special events, like weddings, birthdays, or any other important occasion since they possess mind-blowing architectures.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Right In La Cantera, in the city of San Antonio, you will find a breath-taking amusement park called “Six Flags Fiesta Texas” this park was inaugurated back in 1992, the park is involved in a rock quarry wall with lots of activities to do and attractions to join, the whole purpose of the park is that you have a great time with friends and family. 

When you hear the word “Six Flags” you know what to expect, crazy rides, games, and prizes all over the park, shows, music, a happy and entertaining environment where you can find all kinds of souvenirs and bites of all flavors. 

An attraction is dedicated to those visitors who travel with the whole family, a place where kids can have fun while parents are saving energy to keep exploring the city.

Enjoy the view at The Torre of Las Americas

This one of those places you need to visit if you happen to be in San Antonio, the view is breathtaking and the dining options you have are award-winning. 

You can also rent packages for any kind of occasion in casa that you have an important meeting and want to amaze your client or if you want to take your lover to the clouds and enjoy a stunning experience in top-rated restaurants. 

In The Torre of Las Americas, you will have a 360-view of the whole city, perfect for a sunset gathering with friends or family. This is one of the tallest structures in the U.S with 750 feet in height.