Thinking about moving to San Antonio? You’ll want to know these facts

When you think about Texas, you’d probably have a few places in mind and attractions you want to visit, San Antonio is a place you don’t want to miss out. The 2nd largest city in the state of Texas and the 7th largest in the US territory, we’re talking about a really big city.

When you’re planning on moving out, one of the main things to have in mind is the cost of living, job opportunities, safeness, and others. 

Being one of the main cities in Texas, the real estate market in such a place is constantly growing since people from all locations and all kinds of ethnicities are coming to the city month by month causing a significant demand in the market. 

The housing market is becoming more affordable for either homeowners and renters.  

Buy a home when relocating to San Antonio

A very affordable cost of living

Despite the size of the city, you will find this as a very affordable city to live at if you compare it with other places of its size or population. 

For example, San Diego, if you compare factors like taxes, average expenditures, the housing market, rentals, and other relatives, you will find San Antonio is almost 40% more affordable.  The real estate market is very hot in the San Antonio area right now.  This year fast cash home sales have slowed as the retail market has boomed. This is very likely to do with the historic low rates our country is experiencing.      

This tells you how the resident’s lifestyle and cost of living are significantly lower than other cities of this size, and is considered the 55th more affordable city in North American territory.

Renting in San Antonio

A little bit more than 40% of the population rather rent a house instead of buying, this takes almost half of the city’s population renting a place, this is more like a lifestyle other than an alternative due to the affordable renting costs despite being a large city. We’re talking about an average of $800-$1000 as the average rental cost for San Antonio which if we compare it to similar cities like Austin is almost $400 lower.

Owning a house in San Antonio

San Antonio is an old city that has a lot of history behind that remains alive thanks to the old buildings and structures that distinguished this picturesque city from the rest, mostly for its churches. 

Nowadays, these places of worship are also considered attractions for the visitors since they’ve been carrying plenty of history and their designs are old-fashioned but attractive behind the eyes of tourists. 

Places like Mission San Jose, Mission Espada, Mission San Juan, or Mission Concepcion are places where residents usually use for special events, like weddings, birthdays, or any other important occasion since they possess mind-blowing architectures.

Jobs and salary ranges

This is one of those factors to keep an eye on since depending on the sector you have experience or knowledge at, you will consider moving to this place or not. You might have a source of income already but it is always good to be aware of more opportunities your community has to offer. As mentioned earlier, San Antonio is a fast-growing area, its unemployment rate lower than the national and state average. 

 The average salary in San Antonio is more than $62k, with the best well-paid jobs such as Project Manager, Software Engineer, Human Resources Manager, Software Developer, Registered nurse, and more. The most common employers are The U.S Air Force, U.S Army, Rackspace, etc. Other sectors like tourism, healthcare, renewable energy, and education are also very significant for jobseekers in this city.

Prices, regular expenditures, and more

Like in any other city, it is good to know what will be your monthly cost of living, in San Antonio you will find that in comparison to other cities of its size, costs are very low. An average San Antonio resident will spend around $165 in utilities(this might vary in the summertime where heat is intolerable and temperatures are way above the average). 

 You might spend $40-65 on internet packages depending on preferences, between $300-$350 in groceries monthly, an average gas price of $1.90 per gallon(this has been decreasing over the past few years). A private visit to the doctor might cost you around $110, a haircut could be $25 and 2 movie tether tickets might cost you $200. These numbers can tell you how affordable and convenient living in this could be for you and your family, depending on the budget and lifestyle you have, you will find the right place.